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Reintroduction of Corningware Blue Cornflower Pyroceram casserole pans

We still use our vintage Corningware petite casserole pans in the “Blue Cornflower” design made from Pyroceram, and I continue to see a variety of Corning Ware products with this design for sale on Etsy and EBay.

My Corning Blue Cornflower petit pansIn the process of researching the difference between Corningware, Pyrex and Corelle (see previous post) I noticed that World Kitchens — who now owns these product lines — reintroduced this design in the 3L casserole size.

From their website:

Blue Cornflower World KitchensAnd accompanying information about its features and the Pyroceram material…

Corningware History

While my little casseroles dishes were all made in the U.S.A., Information on the World Kitchen website Question & Answer section notes that the new ones are now made in  France.

Is this a way to gauge the age of a collection?

While smaller sizes of the Blue cornflower pans are easier to find, the larger ones  — like the one listed on my Etsy store  below — are less common.

Huge roasting pan – 16 x 13″ listed on my Etsy Shop


I wonder if the older era casseroles in this Blue Cornflower design will still be collectible, especially as other sizes are re-introduced…

What do you think?

A more common blue cornflower size found on EBay and Etsy stores

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