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Hello World! My shop is now open

Hello there!  This is my companion blog / website to my Vintage Shop on Etsy.

My shop opened on June 29th, 2015.

So far….

  • I’ve set up the basics on my Etsy shop, such as the About, Info and Appearance and Shop Policies
  • I looked at shops that sell similar items I will list, and studied a few of the shops’ store policies to get an idea of how to craft my own
  • I picked an image to use on my shop, and created a basic logo with my shop name to upload to Etsy.  This was a bit tricky because of the size requirements, so if you have a talented friend or family member to help you with a logo,  it is best to ask.TEST Working Logo

I’ve opened up my shop by listing some of the ceramic plates that I’ve collected over the years.

Having an Etsy store seems like a great idea, as now I get to continue collecting, but with a new goal to curate objects specifically for my store and to compliment objects I already have.

I have friends who have set up stores on Etsy who told me it can be very hard, so I am prepared to dive in knowing I will need to put my time and dedication into this venture.

Knowing the work I will put into this, I also want to have fun in the process!

The good thing is I do not need a brick and mortar facility or employees (at least  not yet) and I will work on my store on my own time and terms.

Plus… my market is the world!  Well, technically, I’m only shipping to U.S. addresses at this point, at least until I figure out how to manage international shipments.

But… I am open 24/7.  How cool is that?

It’s nice not to hassle with setting up an “E-Commerce” store because the Etsy site should have everything I need.

And I really, really like that I do not need to concern myself with the technical aspects of running an on-line shop on my own.  Software upgrades, security, credit card and payment processing is all part of the Etsy package.

Wish me luck… and onward!