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Better photos, quicker sale for the beautiful, handmade pine needle basket?

If you have visited my Etsy Vintage Shop, you may know that I love collecting and selling vintage baskets.

I have several pine needle baskets in my collection — gifts from my younger sister.  She purchased the baskets when she lived and worked in Central America in the early 2000s.

I treasure my pine baskets, and love the texture and the deep, rust colors of the pine needles.

My large, beehive-shaped pine needle basket – a gift from my sister.

I remember my delight when I received this big, beehive-shaped basket from my sister, and our conversation about  the work it took to make these, with the weaver first having to collect a whole lot of pine needles to make one basket.

The coiled bottom of my beehive shaped basket, with the weaver’s label.
We use our baskets around the house, and unfortunately, some of the thread around the pine needles for the handles (so expertly connected to the basket body) has started to unravel. I include in this post to show the pine needles within the thread coil.

So…since I was familiar with pine baskets, I was happy to find this beautiful, round, pine needle basket at a thrift shop last month.


I looked forward to listing it in the store, and admired the thick braid of pine needles incorporated into the design, and the wavy shape of the rim, giving the basket many “handles” all around the edges.

Almost 3 weeks after I listed the basket, I looked at the listing page again and realized the photos were lackluster, compared to the actual object.

P1310211I take most of my photos outside using natural lighting…so I wasn’t sure if my timing was off that day, or it was just a gray, cloudy day.

Perhaps my little camera was in a bad mood…

The photos were just blah, kind of dull, and did not reflect the beauty of this item, and its rich, natural colors.

I decided to retake the photos, and updated the listing.

This time, the photos had better colors, more true to the basket.

P1320734I replaced the photos with a brighter set, and a couple of days later, the basket sold.


Was it a coincidence?

I don’t know for sure, but I do think  that the new photos better showcased the basket’s natural beauty and craftsmanship, and perhaps the improved pictures helped the buyer make the decision to acquire the basket for their own collection.

Lessons learned:

  • It’s a good idea to review your listings periodically to see if improvements can be made…not just for the photo, but the description as well.
  • If you think the photos do not truly reflect the beauty of your item — or show off its best features — then do not hesitate to retake it, and replace your listing photos.

It just may be the improvement needed to help sell the object, and for it to find its way to a new owner/collector.  🙂

P1320728Have you had a similar experience with photographs for your listing?

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