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I set up a Vintage Shop on Etsy in June of 2015.  This website and blog is a companion to my shop.

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My goal is to document the process of setting up a store on Etsy, with the hopes of sharing tips and what I have learned  in the process.

Hopefully, there are other new shop owners with similar challenges and we can learn from each other — whether it’s about the challenges of shipping your objects (what service to use, UPS, Post Office, Regional Rate versus regular Priority Mail, etc.) — or researching the story behind your item listing, or photography tips.

Classic teacup design by Edith Heath, from California-based Heath Ceramics (click on the photo to learn about their 2015 National Design Award, presented by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum).

Sometimes, the story behind a particular vintage item is so interesting, and learning about these objects, and researching the story behind it is just as fun to me as selling it on Etsy.

And so, this site is also a place to contain this background information, through blog posts, and also for customers to read more about the objects they are interested in for purchase.

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I love comments — please do leave one when you can — so that I at least know that someone else is reading this blog, aside from my sisters!

— Jane

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3 thoughts on “About This Website and Blog”

  1. Hi. I have this Babar mug and the milk pitcher that matches it as well. I also have some other babar items I would be interested in selling. I’m just not sure how to go about it or how much these items are worth. They are all from the early 90s. I also have a vintage gas range and from the research I’ve been able to find out about it is apparently rare. There is one in a museum in Pennsylvania. Any advice on how to price and sell these items?

    1. Hi Kim,

      You may have meant to comment on the page with the Babar mug photo (http://markettales.com/?p=597 )?

      As far as selling your items, if they were all made prior to 1997, they can be sold on Etsy as vintage items. It is quite easy to set up a shop in Etsy. Just go to their website (www.Etsy.com) and there are many links to guide you. You can also consider EBay, where there are no restrictions on the object’s age…but I don’t have experience with EBay yet.

      Here’s a link to an article I posted on how I worked out the price for my first listings:


      It is really up to you on the price. How rare / how quickly do you want to sell it, etc.

      I’ve had an item that sold within hours of listing, and some that took over a year to sell. It depends on timing, and who is looking for the item.

      Unique Babar items will probably sell quickly.

      If you decide to go the Etsy route, here is another helpful article on how to craft your listings and use the right “tags”.


      All the best!

      — Jane

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