Vintage stoneware soup cups, chili bowls

The Labor Day 2015 holiday was last week…officially known as the end of summer here in the U.S.

Before we know it, the weather will  cool down, and we begin to think about mugs of hot chocolate, home made soups cooked slow and with lots of love, as well as our favorite chili recipes.

Do you have a favorite cup to use in the winter, or do you use the same cup year-round?  I tend to switch to a thicker mug to keep my coffee warm in the cooler weather.

I already had a nice variety of cups in my collection, and now that I have an Etsy store, I have even more cups!

I originally listed the cups for the store in the ‘Dining / tabletop section’ but then decided I should create a new category called Wine / Drink and Barware.  

I think it is better to house the cups in this category (and recently added an English “transferware” cup from England —see previous post for more) and separate from all the plates.

Today, I added a 3rd set of a particular style of vintage stoneware cups in the new section.  These cups are wide and can also be used for soup or as chili bowls.

P1310068This new listing features a set with this fun roadrunner image.

Actually, it’s hard not to call roadrunner images as “FUN” because it seems most roadrunner art depict them doing what they do — running — which I find amusing.

Roadrunners are native to the Southwestern deserts of the U.S. and Mexico.  Aptly named, they are quite quick, can run as fast as 20 miles per hour, and are one of few animals that prey on rattlesnakes.  Very cool birds!

These cup / bowls are unmarked, but very similar to 1980s era and earlier Otagiri cups.

I love the look and feel of these vintage, wide rim cups.

Here are other similar sets listed for the shop:

P1240877 A pair with a bright and simple flower power motif  (listed here on Etsy)

P1240803And this gorgeous blue hued pair with peacocks / peafowls which remind me of  art nouveau  styles (no longer available on the shop).

And speaking of chili recipes, I saw a segment of the Cook’s Country cooking show on PBS this weekend that showcased a Colorado Green Chili recipe.

We usually make red chili with beef, but this recipe looked amazing, using pork, 2 lbs of Anaheim peppers and 2 jalapeno peppers.  They added the jalapeno to approximate the taste of Hatch or New Mexico chile peppers.

One of my favorite food to eat is Chile Relleno, which is often made with Anaheim peppers in place of the ‘poblano’ type peppers, and so already, I was intrigued and ended up watching the entire episode.

Colorado Chili Recipe Cooks Country
Colorado Green Chili photo via Cook’s Country website

It will definitely be one that I will try out during these cooler autumn months.  If you want to try it too, the recipe can be accessed through this link (you do have to register with the Cooks Country website).

What is your household’s favorite chili recipe?  The more traditional red chili or do you have favorite, more unusual chili recipe?

Does it matter to you what cup or bowl you use, or do you have special mugs for hot chocolate, or special soup and chili bowls?

Updated 12/1/2015 with photos of the Hull USA Pottery vintage chili bowls I recently listed on the shop.

P1370085 Love this bowl and plate set!

Click on the photos to see the listing on Etsy.  The plate / chili bowl set and the single chili cup listed separately.


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2 thoughts on “Vintage stoneware soup cups, chili bowls”

  1. I know this post is 2+ years old…but, I hope you see this! Wondering where you found the blue peacock/peafowl soup mug…?? My parents had two of those and I grew up with them. I’ve been looking for some. Where can I find them ??

    1. Hi Erin,

      The ones I found were from an estate sale. My sister loved it too, so I ended up giving the set to her. If I run into anymore and decide to sell them in my shop, I will contact you.

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